Touch Typing

Exercise and learn Typing via Typing Drills.

Put your fingers on the yellow-colored keys: A S D F for the left hand, and J K L ;   for the right hand. This is the position, in which touch typing is done, and from this position we reach for all other keys. In the first lesson, we practice touch typing the letters J and F, and continue to touch type all other letters. You don't have to work on-line to practice. Once you enter the program, you can disconnect and work off-line.

For the most part, practicing will be with words having a meaning. But at first, to get used to touch-typing, we will practice the lessons with random text (up to Lesson 7). Use the lessons only for the beginning to gradually get used to touch-typing. Please understand that the real practice is with meaningful words and that you don't learn a lot from practicing random text.
To practice real words, copy a text from anywhere (sites, word processor, etc.) and paste your text inside the text box by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "paste".