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I have high standards for my work. So high, in fact, that no matter how much I work on this page, I'm never quite happy with it. Like everyone else, I resort to using an under construction icon. But you can bet your socks that my icon looks fancier and shinier than your icon!








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Bisz SquirrelChris Homes, LLC realized yesterday it had better make a web page for itself. Too cheap to afford the services of a professional web designer, they volunteered me to be the web person. All I can say in defense of this page's current appearance is, I'm trying. I really am.


BulldozerSometimes when I'm editing web pages, I pretend I'm a bulldozer moving large quantities of earth around, and I make lots of rumbling whirring heavy machinery noises.


under constructionI update this page frequently. To indicate this fact, I'll show you a picture of one my favorite tools.


('Under Construction' banner)