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 Is It Up? Round Bales

 Is It Up? RAM

 Is It Up? Waiting on The Moon

 Is It Up? To The Moon

 Is It Up? Drone Landing

 Is It Up? BCH Wiesels

 Is It Up? Waiting on the Dip

 Is It Up? Phones in Portrait Only


 Is It Up? Bitcoin

 Is It Up? LTC/BTC Accepted

 Is It Up? Rocket Raccoon

 Is It Up? Fantasy Factory

 Is It Up? The Storm

 Is It Up? Daenerys

 Is It Up? Slideshow


 Importantant Crypto links

 TradingView for Ninja's

 Generate QR Codes (e.g. Bitcoin)



 Bitcoin Halving | Countdown


 Litecoin Halving | Countdown

 Flappening Watch - Arise Chickun



 Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

 Bitcoin as a medium of exchange

 Bitcoin as an investment - Realtime Bitcoin Node Stats

 Jameson Lopp :: Bitcoin Resources

 Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy

 Simple Bitcoin Converter

 Blockchain Demo

 Browse the Blockchain



 Twitter Feeds of Interest

 Andreas M. Antonopoulos

 Charlie Lee

 Jimmy Song

 Jameson Lopp

 Crypto's/Precious Metals - A public list by RagingLoon

 Never Forget!

 Bitcoin Obituaries

 Peter Bitcoin

 Blame it on...

 It's Going to Crash

 More Videos

 YouTube Channels of Interest

 Bitcoin for Beginners by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

 Off Chain with Jimmy Song

 Crypto Savy

 Crypto Capital Venture

 Chico Crypto

 Tone Vays



 sunny decree

 World Crypto Network

 Cold Storage Paper Wallets

 Bitcoin | GitHub

 Litecoin | GitHub

 Vertcoin | GitHub

 DO NOT print wallets from, and/or 
 Instead, download from GitHub and run the HTML air-gapped from a LiveCD
 For more about cold storage and paper wallets see here and also here.

 Simplicity + Security. "n00bs can't securely make paper wallets." - RagingLoon

 Hardware Wallets

 Ledger Nano X | RagingLoon's choice (read video desription)

 TREZOR Model T + Cryptosteel

 Metal Seed Storage Stress Test | RagingLoon's Seed Phrase

 Mobile Wallets

 Samourai (Bitcoin) see here for more info.

 Mycelium (Bitcoin) see here for more info. Restore Ledger/TREZOR in a pinch.

 Sentinel Watch and deposit to offline BTC wallets. See here, here and here.

 LoafWallet (Litecoin) see here for more info.

 Core/Desktop Wallets

 What is a Core Wallet? See here and here for more info.

 Get Bitcoin Core from

 Get Litecoin Core from

 Get Vertcoin Core from

 What is the Electrum Wallet? See here and here for more info.

 Bitcoin - Electrum-BTC

 Litecoin - Electrum-LTC

 Vertcoin - Electrum-VTC

 Crypto Exchanges

 Coinbase (get $10 of free bitcoin) see here for details.

 GDAX (owned by Coinbase)

 Gemini | About Gemini

 Bittrex | About Bittrex

 Vertbase | About Vertbase

 Gold & Silver :)


 Golden State Mint

 JM Bullion

 Provident Precious Metals

 SD Bullion